What is Old Jet Gallery?

Old Jet Gallery sells exclusive work by established artists to fund the development of the next generation of visual artists in East Anglia through our innovative Airspace programme.

Airspace launched in 2022 with the goal of helping people from across the arts with establishing successful careers. The programme is aimed at those who may have bigger barriers to face than others. We decided to start the project with music and our first recipients Esme Emerson, signed a record deal with Communion Records in 2023. We now have two further music artists in the programme and we can’t wait to see how well they do.

Next we opened Airspace up to visual artists and took on three brilliant emerging artists who are now hard at work on starting their careers.

How does Old Jet Gallery help people?

All of the sales commission from the Old Jet Gallery goes into the Airspace programme and is used to fund the many ways we will continue to help people develop themselves creatively and professionally.

The initial established artists featured in the Old Jet Gallery are residents and friends of Old Jet. These artists are supporting the Airspace programme by offering buyers exclusive work for a limited time.

Examples of our current established artists include:

Jelly Green, whose landscape work hangs in private collections around the world.

Darren Lynde Mann, a former Old Jet mentee, whose work was included in Marlborough Gallery’s 2023 ‘A Celebration of Portraiture’ exhibition for The National Portrait Gallery - alongside Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon and Maggi Hambling.

As part of their career development Airspace’s chosen recipients will exhibit in the Old Jet Gallery alongside established artists.

We have made a video to show and tell you more about Airspace which you can watch here.

This is an opportunity to enrich your life with great art whilst also supporting the people who may well go on to become future greats.