Lynde Mann

Bernini's Angel

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Artwork Details

Pencil on paper. 210 x 297 cm (A4). Unframed.

Artist Biography

Darren Lynde Mann is a self-taught painter who works in emulsion and pastel.

His work contains elements of both the outsider tradition and figurative expressionism. Yet Darren’s desire to transpose the intense religious fervour of High Renaissance art into contemporary portraiture has created a singular artistic vision. While Darren’s painting style is inspired by Italian art of the 17th century, his subject matter does not explore the political or religious ideology of the period. Instead, he uses the intense emotion found in works by painters such as Sandro Botticelli and sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini to explore the pain and grief of lost human connections in contemporary times.

Further inspired by Michelangelo’s sculpture ‘Madonna della Pietà’, which depicts the Virgin Mary holding Christ’s dead body, much of Darren’s work explores relationships between mother and son, and father. He works spontaneously, erasing as he paints, 'embracing the imperfections' to make something successful. As a result, alongside figures that are present, his work also contains erased figures who remain hidden within the layers of paint on the canvas, ghostlike, invisible but never eliminated from thought.

The deliberately unfinished aesthetic of Darren’s paintings further conveys the raw emotion contained within. Many of his works are large, his finely detailed pastel figures sitting within vast areas of space. This dis-proportion of scale creates an emotional resonance that marks the missing and the lost, yet within those spaces also lies hope for the future, and for resolution.


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